Architectural Principles

Business Logic is not allowed within the integration layers.

The integration layers are for Transformation and Transportation.
Business Logic should be maintained within the Business Applications (or a BPM system).
Business logic should be configurable by the business; the Integration Layer doesn’t have a user accessible presentation layer.
Business logic is not in the integration layer, making the integrations decoupled for the Business Application.

Session data is not allowed within the Integration Layers

Session data limits the scalability of the solution.
Creates a point of failure where data may be lost due to software of hardware failure.
Watermarks are allowed as exceptions.
Caching is allowed.
Persistent Queues are allowed.
Session data is usually tied to the source or destination, which limits re-usability and couples the integration.

Service oriented design

A service is a well-defined function that is available and responds to requests from “service consumers”.

Configuration before coding

Leverage existing components and minimise development and testing time.

Services should be aligned with the EDM

Integrations are independent of the Source and Destination Systems decoupling the data and allowing for re-usabilit


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